ISO 22000

What is ISO 22000 ?

ISO 22000 is a globally accepted international standard that determines the requirements for food safety management systems. The main purpose of the 22000 standard, established in 2005, is valid for all organizations in the food chain whose main purpose is to provide food safety. In line with its standard guidelines, it specifies a working structure that helps the consumer to harmonize all stages and parts of the food supply chain, reduce food hazards, control risks and prevent contamination.

Food Safety Management System has been the subject of many scientific studies worldwide. If businesses go to ignore this standard, they will have several consequences. By obtaining an ISO 22000 certification, you prove your commitment to food safety and your commitment to relevant food safety regulations.

By obtaining ISO 22000 certification, you prove your commitment to food safety to your customers and stakeholders. In addition, you have the opportunity to learn all the processes and policies needed to reduce risks, become accountable and increase transparency. You should not forget that the Food Safety Management System certificate is a worldwide recognized certificate. With this certification, you can increase your brand reputation and gain potential competitive advantage by leading to potential increases in business volume.

Benefits of ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System for Your Organization;

The management commitment provides a working structure for communication with suppliers and customers.

It ensures the introduction of preventive plans that ensure food safety.

Offers commitment to customer satisfaction.

It increases the reputation of the company.

It allows to comply with other internationally accepted standards.

It helps to minimize food safety risks.

Increases transparency in food safety responsibility.